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Raw Honey

Our honey bees have been working hard to produce their sweet honey all season. We can share in their harvest, because we help them stay healthy throughout the year. Our honey is unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed to preserve its maximum nutrition. It all starts with the worker bees who collect nectar in the fields. The result is sweetness flowing from the honeycomb into a bottle on our farm.  

Honey Products


11 oz. Jar

Sweet gift giving

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16 oz. Jar

Traditional queenline one pounder


22 oz. Jar

For real honey lovers

*in glass jars*

Our bees collect nectar from local flowers throughout the season. Spring kicks off as red maples and pussy willows come into bloom, which are an essential early nectar source. The bees keep gathering all season from the abundance of clover and wildflowers, which are found in our area. We diversify their available nectar sources with our cultivated crops like blueberries, buckwheat and sunflowers. In this way, the hive can build up their reserves again to sustain themselves through the winter after the honey harvest. When hives come through the winter and they are strong, we can split them to create new ones. If all else fails, we can catch the swarm!  

Image by Damien TUPINIER

Sunshine in a Jar

The health benefits of raw honey are well known throughout the world. Straight from the hive, it is a complete food with many vitamins and minerals. It is rich in antioxidants and people use it to boost their immune system. Unprocessed honey is antiinflammatory and antiviral in its natural state. Raw honey is a great addition to your day. 


Raw honey is truly an amazing food. A spoonful each day of raw honey is energizing and it can keep you active during that afternoon slump. It provides a great alternative to refined sugars, which are devoid of nutrition and health benefits. It tastes great with plain yogurt, coffee or tea. Honey has endless versatility, such as hot oatmeal, salad dressings, marinades, and baking.

Proud Member of NWNJBA

After a hiatus from beekeeping, they found us again in spring 2020. On a sunny day, a large swarm of bees made a home in some old hive boxes stacked outside. They ‘called’ us back into beekeeping again and here we are to stay.


Honey is only one of the many aspects of this living land at Mariposa Farm. We have raised healthy sheep on pasture since 2003. We specialize in Katahdins, which are a low-maintenance hair breed, who produce a delicious and mild flavored meat.

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