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Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our happy hens forage daily on fresh grass and bugs in the sunshine. They are rotated in our ‘Eggmobiles’ in the field. In these portable trailers, the hens thrive on clean pastures.


Nutrition is maximized in their eggs and predators are kept out. That fresh diet shines through in their deep-colored rich yolks that stand up tall in the fry pan. The hens are supplemented with local non-GMO grain to produce our healthy eggs. We have many loyal customers, who simply couldn’t imagine eating ‘regular store’ eggs again.

We deliver eggs biweekly to residential drop-off sites in Union & Hunterdon Counties.


We strive to provide a natural environment for both our chickens and our sheep to thrive. Rotations on pasture help provide a nutrient-dense diet, which shows in the quality of both our eggs and meats for sale.

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