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Peacocks are well appreciated around the world for their majestic feathers. Our free-range breeding pairs actively forage for insects in the grass each day around the farm. Therefore, they primarily serve our farm by controlling insects. These unique animals also contribute beauty and entertainment to our daily life. 


Raising peacocks has been a true community project.  Some years ago a peacock and peahen made a home on our farm.  Since then we have cared for them to keep them safe from predators. Since the peafowl roam freely, neighbors, children and farmers work together to keep them safe. 


The peahen cares for her fledglings as nature prescribes.  As they age, these maturing peahens and peacocks are moved on pasture in a pen to forage for grass and insects, in addition to their high protein pellet feed.  


When the peafowl are mature, we sell breeding pairs and individual birds of various ages. 


We strive to provide a natural environment for both our chickens and our sheep to thrive. Rotations on pasture provide our animals with a nutrient-dense diet, which shows in the quality of both our eggs and meats for sale.

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