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Pasture-Fed Lamb

Lambs are born and raised on pasture. Our animals thrive in this pastoral setting. They are rotationally grazed with portable electric fences, which provides optimal nutrition for the sheep. This management intensive grazing also supports quick regrowth of the grass. We select our breeding ewes and sires carefully for strong mothering ability, resistance to parasites and good growth on grass.  


Katahdins make a great easy-care alternatives for lawn mowers and pets. Our sheep are thrifty and eat down weeds that others might avoid. They shed their hair naturally each spring, so no shearing is necessary. Energy is put into meat rather than wool. They flock well and live each day with our Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD), who protects them from predators. 


Flavor Profile

Katahdins produce a mild flavored and lean meat. Whether some quick chops get thrown on the grill or a leg simmers in sauce all day, this lamb is delicious. We love our sheep. This makes for happy and healthy sheep, and you can taste the difference.

Butchering & Cuts

Lambs are harvested locally at a family butcher in a humane way. While we do not butcher on the farm for others, customers with butchering experience are welcome to harvest their own lambs on our farm according to their  religious beliefs.

Whole lamb from the Butcher: Lambs are sold by weight throughout the year. For custom cut orders, we transport lambs to the butcher and the customer selects how it will be cut up. Some families prefer roasts, while others use more ground lamb. We can guide new customers in this process. 

The butcher cuts up the meat into the specified cuts, which is then packaged and frozen. Customers pick up the meat and pay the butcher cost directly. The meat cost is paid to us  according to its weight.

Some people prefer to pick up the lamb whole after being butchered. They can roast the whole lamb for festivals or cut and package it themselves. 


Sires & Ewes for Lamb Crop

Katahdins were originally bred as an easy-care sheep, with naturally shedding hair, quality production traits, and high maternal instincts. At Mariposa Farm, we have continued that vison by using performance data to select breeding stock with strong parasite resistance who can wean twins in a forage- based system.

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