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Generational Growth
at Mariposa Farm

Waldo Hotz visioned a sustainable farm to grow food for his family and community. He looked far ahead and always said that his work was for the next generation.


Since 2002, Waldo and his daughter, Beckie, have collaborated to grow this unique farm vision. Waldo brings his technical mindset and life’s wisdom to the farm. He keeps our ‘Eggmobile’ moving in the field and the fresh eggs delivered on time.  


Beckie contributes her agricultural experience with livestock and plants to keep the farm producing. She selects our best performing sheep for breeding and raises our delicious lamb. Beckie also manages our honey bee hives throughout the year for their exceptional honey.  


Thinking of our Mexican family, the ‘mariposa’ continues to symbolize that growth and change each day.


Contact Us

736 County Road 519

Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Farm Office Phone


We accept payment for honey, lamb & breeding stock via Venmo. Please contact us about availability and pricing.

We provide lamb to families across New Jersey, and work with a local family-owned butcher to provide the exact cuts requested by our patrons. 

We continue with the tradition of selecting easy- care and parasite resistant Katahdin sheep through data collection and selection methods based on current research.

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